A Sustainable Journey


For thousands of years, Cowichan Bay is home to Salish Coast First Nations people who harvested the wealth of salmon and shellfish found in its many coves, tidal flats and swiftly flowing rivers.

Cowichan Bay is a bay and community located on the east coast of southern Vancouver Island. Green Point is located at the base of Mount Tzouhalem at the mouth of Cowichan Bay. Years ago, this was the home to Cowichan First Nation's Chief Tzouhalem, and is today an Archeological site.

For over 70 years, Green Point was the home of David and Louis Chase . It was their family home, set in park-like landscape that had a small private 6 hole golf course. They came to the Cowichan Valley in the 1950s intending to log a larger 100 acre property they had purchased nearby. But upon setting foot in the grand Douglas-fir forest, their priorities changed. The Chases settled on the property and spent five decades carefully tending their beloved forest and sharing their private park with friends. After Louise passed away, David cared for the property until, at age 98, he began looking for a new land steward. The National Conservancy Canada now takes care of Chase Woods nearby. David past away in 2015, but his legacy lives on.

In 2016, a scenic afternoon family drive lead our family to a chance encounter with a unique eco-system at the base of Mount Tzouhalem facing south on Cowichan Bay. Upon walking onto the site, each one of us became aware of a sense of belonging to this place in our own way. We each felt a calling to be here and to be part of the land.