Green Building within Nature

In March of 2018, the Green Point Project Construction team lead by Mark Bernhardt at Bernhardt Contracting started a selective salvaging, reclaiming and deconstruction process of the existing building.  Our goal is to use as much onsite salvaged material as possible to divert more than 95% of deconstructed building materials from landfill and to stay on budget throughout the construction phase. Follow our progress through the Instagram feed below:

The Project is striving to attain the following certifications:

Living Building Challenge

Passive House

Green Shores for Homes

The following are some sustainable aspects of the project:

  1. Triple pane Passive House (PH) certified, Living Building Challenge (LBC) compliant FSC certified wood windows.

  2. Extremely well insulated and airtight building envelope

  3. Reclaimed Materials

  4. Reclaimed kitchen

  5. High efficiency Zehnder 550 HRV (Heating system)

  6. Rain water capture (rain water barrels)

  7. All Water is harvested on site (well water)

  8. All waste is treated on site: Septic bio-nest system

  9. All wood is either FSC certified, Reclaimed, donated or invasive species as per LBC

  10. No LBC red list materials

  11. Passive Heating: Thermal mass - concrete first floor

  12. Passive Cooling: Cross ventilation and stack effect, South side shading

  13. Solar Panels: 13 kw system: Net Zero

  14. Use natural materials as much as possible

  15. Explore and use Biophilia design methods throughout the building!

  16. Rewild our ecosystem, return what use to be a 6 hole golf course back to a Garry Oak forest

  17. Restoration of the shoreline as per the Green Shore certification 

  18. Havelock Sheeps wool insulation and recycled cellulose Insulation