Welcome to The Green Point Project!

A Passive House, Living Building Challenge and Green Shores for Homes project.

We would like to begin by acknowledging that this project is located on the unceded territory of the Coast Salish People in Canada.

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Inspired by the natural beauty and history of the land, and the need to be pro-active as a family to reverse climate change; The Green Point Project is a highly sustainable, site regenerative, affordable design and construction of a 2,500 s.f. residence. It will produce all of its energy on site and is constructed of non-toxic, natural and salvaged materials. This architectural project is a biophilic exploration and a living laboratory. It aims to create a sustainable place that promotes healthy living and wellness. The project explores constructing a living building that connects and rejuvenates it’s natural environment and respects the rich history and unique archeology of the region. We invite you to follow our project.

Our Concept: “Re-Wilding the Ecosystem” by constructing a Living Building that regenerates the environment.

 See the Construction Section of this Website for the latest construction photos and information.


Rejuvenate the ecosystem; build in an affordable and sustainable way; dwell in a healthy, living building and preserve our unique history.


Here at The Green Point Project, we are driven by a single goal; to be as sustainable as possible! We aim to create a highly sustainable residence that rejuvenates the ecosystem; that is in harmony with nature and generates all its' energy from the site.
Co-Founded by Fiona McLagan and Kenneth Chooi, our vision is shared by our family and supported by a dedicated team of passionate professionals, colleagues and friends.
Designing the Green Point Project is all about making a place that addresses sustainability, affordability and wellness through a connection with nature by an integrated design process. Our passion for exploring biophilic design, re-using salvaged materials. designing for zero energy use and a shared desire to be part of something transformational. Mostly, we hope this project will inspired others to build and live in a more sustainable way.


“What is the use of a house if you haven't got a tolerable planet to put it on?”

Henry David Thoreau,



A sustainable home.


After living in an urban environment for over 20 years, we decided as a family to relocate and live close to nature.  Upon moving from Vancouver, British Columbia to Vancouver Island, a chance visit to a historic and beautiful ecosystem in Cowichan Bay, inspired us to make this a live-work place that would eventually become The Green Point Project. This Project emerged out of a pursuit to inspire and make a transformational change in how we build and live in a more sustainable way, and a desire for actions to speak louder than words.